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Why choose a thatched roof?

The roof, as well as the garret, can be made in any shape and skylights can also be added. A thatched roof requires less heat insulation material than other roof types. Reed has a very high level of sound insulation.

How long does a thatched roof last?

If a thatched roof has been properly made, its incline is 45° and it is 30 cm thick, it should last for 60-75 years. The lifetime of the roof is also influenced by the quality of the works and the reed used. The proper fastening of fastening staves and the distance from the surface.

Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum lifetime of a thatched roof, it would be necessary to (in order of importance):

1. Choose the executor of roof construction works wisely. 2. Use only high quality reed for making roofs. 3. If possible, make a roof with inclination of 45°. 4. Keep the roof clean of leaves and litter. 5. The ridge of the roof should initially be renewed when needed. 6. Small defects should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Additional guarantee of the high quality of our work is represented by:

Long term work experience. There is always a sufficient amount of high quality reed available in the warehouses of the company. Usually the defects of thatched roofs become apparent during the first few months. We give our roofs a 24-month guarantee.